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Master of Pharmacy

Master of Pharmacy

A Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) is a postgraduate academic degree program that offers advanced education and training in various specialized areas of pharmaceutical sciences. Here are some key points about the M.Pharm course:

  • Duration: The duration of the M.Pharm course is 2 years.
  • Specializations: M.Pharm programs offer a wide range of specializations to cater to different interests and career goals. Some common specializations include:
  • Pharmaceutics: Focuses on drug formulation and delivery systems.
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Concentrates on the design and synthesis of new drugs.
    Pharmacology: Deals with the study of drug action on biological systems.
    Pharmacognosy: Involves the study of medicinal plants and natural sources of drugs.
    Pharmaceutical Analysis: Focuses on analytical techniques for drug testing and quality control.
    Clinical Pharmacy: Emphasizes the application of pharmaceutical knowledge in patient care settings.
    Curriculum: The curriculum of the M.Pharm program includes advanced coursework, research projects, seminars, and practical training in the chosen specialization. Students delve deeper into their area of interest and gain expertise in specialized techniques and methodologies.
  • Research Projects: M.Pharm students are typically required to undertake a research project or thesis under the guidance of faculty members. This research work allows students to contribute to the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge and often serves as a foundation for future academic or industrial endeavors.
  • Practical Training: Practical training, including laboratory work and hands-on experience with advanced equipment and techniques, is an integral part of the M.Pharm curriculum. Students gain valuable skills that are directly applicable to research, development, and manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Career Opportunities: Graduates of M.Pharm programs have diverse career opportunities in various sectors such as pharmaceutical industry, research and development organizations, academia, regulatory agencies, hospitals, and healthcare institutions. They can work as research scientists, formulation scientists, clinical pharmacists, regulatory affairs specialists, academic faculty, or in managerial positions in pharmaceutical companies.
  • Licensing and Registration: In many countries, obtaining an M.Pharm degree is a prerequisite for obtaining professional licensure or registration as a pharmacist. Graduates may need to pass licensing examinations or fulfill other regulatory requirements to practice as pharmacists or pursue certain career paths.

The M.Pharm course provides advanced education and training for individuals seeking to pursue careers in pharmaceutical research, development, and practice, and offers opportunities for specialization and professional growth in the field of pharmacy.

Master of Pharmacy Course Highlight

The given table consists of some of the major highlights of the Master of Pharmacy integrated course:


Post Graduate


2 Years

Exam Type

Per Semester


Bachelor with Pharmacy

Minimum Aggregate Required


Admission Process

Through Entrance/college level exams, direct

Starting Salary

INR 2 to 4 LPA




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